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Specialized teachers

Internationally recognized professionals who have been through many Hollywood and international movies will take part in the lessons. Furthermore, experienced teachers from the renowned FAMU college will take part in your lessons as well. Apart from that, multiple top-class partners cooperate with Prague Film Institute film college so that way you will have the opportunity to make some important contacts.


Exceptional/Unique residence

Prague Film Institute film college offers the above standard equipment to its students. Moreover, students have access to the fully equipped editing rooms and virtual studio. A real film studio of approximately 7000 m2, top quality cameras, drones and other will be available for you during lessons and also for school projects.


Practical lessons

During your studies at Prague Film Institute film college, you will gain a standard knowledge that will be used later on during your lessons. What’s more, this college cooperates with a Czech stunt fighters association and they will learn you real scenes in practice. Leading film experts, who will provide you with a great amount of important knowledge and skills, will be available during your school projects.

More information about the film college can be found at website www.praguefilminstitute.cz. In case of any further questions do not hesitate to send us an email to: info@praguefilminstitute.cz or call on +420 733 144 239.

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