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Autumn in Prague

The hot temperature has decreased, the autumn begins, and so is the wonderful time to visit Prague. Enjoy beautiful and long walks through Prague. The magic streets of the Old City really hide many places worth seeing and visiting. You do not have to visit the classic Prague attraction, just take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere of Prague, discover the beautiful and unique places not only the best places to visit that you have already seen. You can admire architecture, parks and gardens, or local cafes, wine bars and pubs.


Enjoy the sun’s rays and the wonderful city atmosphere. And what are the tips for you this time?


1.       Petrin lookout tower. Located at the top of a hill just above the Old Town. You can use the funicular to go up and down go with pleasant walks while admiring the beauty of the Prague monuments from above. The Petřín lookout tower is open every day. 2.       The Golden Lane at Prague Castle. In the summer months, the place is unpleasantly crowded. In the autumn season, there isn’t crowd of tourists and you can admire the picturesque houses as out of a fairy tale.


3.       The Botanical Garden in Troja. If the weather is nice, take advantage of the summers and go out on the original scent. A unique educational project that presents the main exposition of the botanical garden.


4.       Stromovka. If you like walks aside, do not forget to visit Stromovka. Beautiful forest park, where only a few people meet in the morning. Draw energy from old trees and trees. 5.       Olšany Cemeteries. Cemeteries always have a special atmosphere. Total tranquility in the middle of the city, in the shade of shaggy trees.

In Prague you really have a lot of possibilities for beautiful walks. If you are thinking about what to do in Prague and what to see in Prague, check out our website www.pragueinone.com, where we regularly offer tips for the best of Prague.

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