Whether you’re in Prague just for a weekend or you’re spending your summer vacation here, you should make time in your schedule for exploring the local nightlife. The city is literally packed with clubs, pubs, casinos, concert venues and other forms of entertainment, and as you’ve probably already figured out, the alcohol is insanely cheap compared to most EU countries. Today, we’re going to focus on party goers and offer you a selection of top clubs, where you can dance your heart out until the morning hours.


Le Valmont Club & Lounge

Luxury, great location in the Old Town and professional service: Le Valmont has it all. Visitors have nicknamed the unique club „Little Paris in Prague“, perhaps because its style was inspired by Forman’s film Valmont and the interior designer did a really great job here. The opulent, creative decorations don’t take away anything from the intimacy of the lounge, where every cocktail has a different story. Once you’ve tasted one of the delicious drinks offered here and spent a while admiring the interior, head to the dance floor. In Le Valmont, they invoke entertainment, praise life and celebrate love!


Hangar Cocktail Bar Club

If you wish to spend an unforgettable night in a thematic club that will transport you back to the golden era of aviation, look no further! In Hangar Music Bar Club, not only the interior design but even the staff is spot on, emulating the atmosphere of the legendary PAN AM airline. Fly high like the Hollywood stars in this two-stores dance club, which, by the way is ideal for a birthday celebration – you can even be promoted to the Captain of Fun! Besides entertainment, this hotspot also features a restaurant with excellent food and a cocktail bar to make sure all your needs are met.


Aloha Cocktail Bar Club

With temperatures attacking 40 °C, what can be better than a trip to Hawaii? If you, like us, lack the money necessary to visit the actual tropical islands, visit the Aloha Cocktail Bar , an unique hang out spot that perfectly emulates their atmosphere. This popular dance club takes inspiration from Tiki bars from the middle of the last century and boosts the vibe with soft lights and warm rhythms that will set the mood for carefree, relaxed fun. Of course, cocktails follow the same theme, offering a plethora of flavors and aromas derived from tropical fruit and nuts. But don’t be mistaken, the club is not just a place to settle in comfortably after a long day. The dance floor can get as hot as this summer’s weather!


Viper Lounge Bar & Club

All the 5-star reviews don’t lie: Viper Lounge has become the new Mecca for hip hop and RNB fans. It’s incredibly rare to find such a great spot for this music genre here, in the middle of Europe! The modern interior is not only eye-catching, but also comfortable, and despite the relatively small size of the club, you will always have enough air to breathe even on a crowded dance floor. The selection of music is complemented by equally amazing drinks, served by staff that will make you feel right at home.

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